„Dream Machine“ — a surreal point & klick adventure made from clay (Episode 71)

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Two swedish game designers went on an adventure, to create an adventure. It took them nearly nine years to complete their heroe’s journey. And their finished game Dream Machine is a psychodelic exploration of the dreamspace, made completely out of clay — and some broccoli. A mysterious world, that connects all our dreams. Streaching it’s dreamy tentacles, a man made machine is trying to take over more and more sleeping minds. You are playing Victor Neff, the only person who is trying to stop this. The game is a fantastic exploration of the surreal and uses the concepts of dreams, to turn classic adventure conventions on their heads.

In the podcast we talk with one of the designers: Anders Gustafsson. He explains how he and his friend Erik Zaring managed to realize this project, way before the giant wave of Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects brought retro Point-and-Click-Adventures back to life. It looks like these two swedes were just ahead of the curve.



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